Who am I


My name is Kerry Farrell and I love costumes! Especially for all the shows my children are in and even shows they are not in. My real job is as a school nurse at an elementary school, which I also love!

I am the mother of three wonderful children and wife to Ronnie.

Ronnie, God bless him, supports all of us, me especially. I have my hand in a few too many things and he is always there to help at home and be the silent bedrock.

Costuming is not just about sewing. It is about scavenging the community and making connections. It is about collaboration and I can’t stress that enough. Every single show I have ever worked on (and at this point it is a lot) I have had input, help, assistance, support, resources, advice and guidance from many people. It is always a joint effort which is what truly draws me to the process!

I live an amazing city that values theater and all that it offers. When I am working on a show there are many resources that I can go pull costumes from, to talk out my ideas, or to learn from. I think it so important in this line of work that share what we have. Why reinvent the costume is what I say!

I spend a lot of time researching costumes on line which is why I started this blog. I want to share the costume creations I have made with other moms, designers, seamstresses, and costume addicts. I find it so helpful to jump start my design process if I have a visual concept or idea.

So feel free to use these ideas and designs. I hope you enjoy looking through my costuming history and you find inspiration.

My goal is to eventually have all the shows I have worked on displayed in my blog. The hard part is finding the time to post because I seem to always be working on a show, working at my real job, or being as mom and wife!

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