Sound of Music

Sound of Music- Curtain Costumes

I found the material in the clearance outdoor fabric section of Joann’s in early March and thanks to the lovely ladies who work at Joann’s they found more for me at other stores and had it shipped to South Burlington!

They found me enough so we could make the actual curtains, 7 costumes and have extra if other theater companies want to make or fix what we have.

The fabric had pineapples on it which I tried to put in the middle of all the girls costumes.

The actual curtains!

I started with Gretel’s costume, a jumper. Here it is before I scrunched up the bottoms to make them look more like bloomers.

Gretel’s Curtain Costume

This is the pattern I used for Gretel’s Curtain Costume

Next is Marta

We ended up having her wear her white uniform shirt underneath due to the quick change into uniforms after this scene

This is the pattern I used for Marta

Brigitta is next in line

Kurt’s costume I used a pattern for shorts and made the “lederhosen” myself

Louisa’s had cute tabs with buttons on side!

Friedrich’s ended up really looking like a shirt one would wear to a Jimmy Buffet concert!! I tried to center the pineapples on the front, not the best job??

Then there is Leisel


Then there is Leisl’s dress

So fun to make and I love how it came it out

Liesl Curtain Costume

Pattern I used for Liesl costume

We did an outdoor photo shoot.
Kurt, Friedrich and Liesl playing in their play clothes!
Louisa, Brigitta, Kurt, Friedrich, Liesl with Maria looking on while they play.

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