Serge A Head

This week I have worked a few different projects, not all costume related! The Holidays are upon us after all!

I made this fun reusable grocery bag for Tami, my coworker.


I bought the fabric back in May for a School Nurses Day craft and had extra.

Here is the link to the pattern and directions


I have also serged all the bottoms of the pants for Arabian Nights so we don’t have strings hanging down on stage and distracting the audience.


The strings you see are the serged ends that I need to tuck into the seam!

I made a tunic for Arabian Nights. Sharon who is on the team had cut the fabric but her machine broke. Hannah is having fun with the picture.


I am working on finishing the top for Vera (Scherezade).


This is the sleeve!

I am glad I have found time the past week or so to sew! It is one of my favorite activities and always brings me a sense of joy and fulfillment.

Merry Christmas to All!

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