Fall Update

So yet again I find myself too busy to keep up with my blog! But I am going to try to hop back on the wagon and post my current projects and continue to post about shows in the past.

Currently I am working on Sister Act at South Burlington High School.

We are sewing lots of nuns! The nuns need their regular habits, then they need sparkle for the end of Act 1 and then they need super duper sparkle new habits for the finale!

Here is our purple for the nun’s scapulars at the end of act 1


There are also lots of costumes to pullĀ for the rest of the cast.

Me and some of my favorite costume goddesses finished our long project of cleaning out the Tuttle costume closet! We did a great job and now it is easier to access all of the costumes.

Ronnie Thom is in Lyric’s production of The Who’s Tommy this fall which is so exciting. I have not really been able to help at all due to my class, work and Sister Act! But I will hopefully have time to help out during the show.

Ronnie as 10 year old Tommy. Photo credit Stephen Mease


We went to see Kailin at Emerson last weekend and saw their production of James and the Giant Peach, and while it was very good, I have to say the production put on by the Flynn this summer was very comparable! Especially the costumes!!



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