This summer I worked on three shows for the the Flynn Summer Youth Theater.

Honk, Cabaret, and Xanadu!

Cabaret was show number 2 and the most emotional due to it’s content. The directors and teenagers hit it out of the park and there was not a dry eye in the audiences for each performance.

Here are the costume designs. (I credit Owen Leavey for photos and Cole Patno Schyler Forest as my costume assistants for the show and many other people who helped along the way)

Kit Kat Club dancers: They all wore the same black vest and same black shorts. The had on different types of lace/fish net stockings. They all wore basic black boots. The idea being that there was not a difference between the boys and the girls.

The Emcee

He had a striped vest and a black one! He mainly wore the striped one except for Her Mein

At the end he wore a concentration camp uniform. I had to make my own fabric for this and the lovely Sharon Patno sewed it together at the very last minute!

Below is an example of how I made the fabric but with blue and white strips. This was my test


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