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    Fall Update

    So yet again I find myself too busy to keep up with my blog! But I am going to try to hop back on the wagon and post my current projects and continue to post about shows in the past. Currently I am working on Sister Act at South Burlington High School. We are sewing lots of nuns! The nuns need their regular habits, then they need sparkle for the end of Act 1 and then they need super duper sparkle new habits for the finale! Here is our purple for the nun’s scapulars at the end of act 1 There are also lots of costumes to pull for the rest…

  • James and The Giant Peach

    James and the Giant Peach

    I had a very very busy costuming summer. I was the designer for all three Flynn Arts Summer Shows. Each show was very different and presented it’s own challenges, enjoyment and gratification. As always, I had lots of help and collaborated closely with the production team for each show! I will start by show casing my first show of the summer. James and the Giant Peach Starting with the main Characters: The next post will showcase the insects!

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    Bat Boy The Musical

    Bat Boy presented by Flynn Arts with a cast of talented teenagers! It was a lot of pulling resources and then one scene of crazy fun weird costumes! The cast was in black and denim for the opening scene and other ensemble numbers when they are “not characters”. When they were towns folk they added elements of country style clothing with a flare of the 1980’s! Bat Boy in his cage He wore a pair of nude colored “underwear” with a baby blanket wrapped around it. The baby blanket was dirtied up since he was out in the wild since birth! Bat Boy learning wearing Mr. Parker’s old clothes Bat Boy…

  • aladdin


    Aladdin at Orchard Elementary (January 2015)! It was a great show and it was a lot of sewing! Thanks to all who helped. There were over 80 4th and 5th graders in the play (plus the 2nd and 3rd grade chorus). The cast was separated into groups and I will have a post about each group and how we did their costumes. I will start with my son’s costume. He was part of the magic carpet. There were 4 kids cast as magic carpets so we had them dressed as tassels and they held onto the four corners of a “carpet”! They were adorable! For the actual tunic I used…

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    Serge A Head

    This week I have worked a few different projects, not all costume related! The Holidays are upon us after all! I made this fun reusable grocery bag for Tami, my coworker. I bought the fabric back in May for a School Nurses Day craft and had extra. Here is the link to the pattern and directions http://www.stitchedbycrystal.com/2011/09/tutorial-fat-quarter-reusable-grocery.html I have also serged all the bottoms of the pants for Arabian Nights so we don’t have strings hanging down on stage and distracting the audience. The strings you see are the serged ends that I need to tuck into the seam! I made a tunic for Arabian Nights. Sharon who is on…