A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story- When Your A Wimp


The outdoor gear is in full view in this number and let me tell you it was no easy task to make sure every kid had their hat, mittens, and scarf! We sewed the scarfs onto their jackets to help a little!

Here comes Randy in his ridiculously large snowsuit!

First time we see Grover Dill and Scut Farkus. Our Grover Dill was played by a girl so we had to give her a wig.


The Narrator, Schwartz (in the blue jacket with toggles), and Flick (in the plaid jacket). I found vintage patterns on etsy and eBay to make the plaid jacket.

Dancing with lots of winter gear on is not easy! and keeping track of it all is even harder!

Here is the ending vignette for When Your a Wimp with all the school kids in their outdoor gear.

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